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Sydney AlanaSydney Alana is an intuitive energy worker here to bring healing and divine guidance. She uses her unique blend of abilities such as clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairchanneling to deliver divine healing and accurate messages. Sydney Alana is a certified Usui Reiki Master practitioner, intuitive tarot reader, and is currently honing her mediumship skills. If you are looking for long-lasting, gentle, yet radical healing or guidance a session with Sydney may be for you! Schedule Now
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Intuitive Readings

30 min-$30

45 min- $45

Kristin Fannin - A local Midwife of Alchemy, creator of the Phoenix Rising program, Reiki Master, Intuitive, and Energy Healer. In Winter of 2020, she totally fell in love with the healing art that is Reiki. Her life, and world, totally changed. For the first time ever, she started to own her gifts as a healer, and she is deeply honored to be bring this work to you, for your own healing journeys.
She calls herself a Midwife of Alchemy. The fires and darkness of our lives are her playground. She's walked through her own more than once, and knows that it’s possible to come out on the other side as the beautiful Phoenix that you are. The fire doesn’t scare her; it empowers her. It teaches her, refines her, grows her. She loves the darkness. She loves the fire. And it’s her greatest goal and desire to help you love yours. She can promise that this will be brought out in your work together. 
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Intuitive Session

30 min for $55

Jamie Collins - Evidential medium, Jamie, communicates with our loved ones in spirit and brings through messages from them that offers healing, closure and many times laughter.  Our loved ones want us to know that they are still with us and many times will give us signs that they are near.  If you've ever wanted to connect with your loved ones, schedule your appointment today.
She has had a love of all things metaphysical for as long as she can remember.  Jamie began channeling for spirit in 2012 and has been working fairs in the Kansas City area, as well as the midwest for 7 years.  She is also a spiritual teacher and teaches classes on learning to communicate with spirit, as well as a development circle to help you work on your spiritual gifts. To find out more, check out her website,, or her Facebook page -Spirit Speaker KC.
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Medium Psychic Readings

   45 min for $150

Dennis "Doc" Cromwell -  am a third generation psychic following in my grandmother's footsteps.  Although not a professional psychic, she gave me, growing up, an indepth understanding of the metaphysical world from a Slavic point of view.  I have always been aware of angels since an early age and my intuitive abilities grew through college until spirit pushed me into reading for the public and I now at fairs in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma.  I am a certified past life regressions as well. Schedule Now

Past Life Readings

15 min for $30

Tricia KeightleyTricia is a highly skilled and certified success coach with expertise in neurolinguistic programming and inner child healing.

She started her journey as a hairstylist and pursued a Bachelor's degree in Web Development. Driven by a burning desire to become her best self, Tricia immersed herself in therapy, coaching, and self-help resources, absorbing everything she could. Her dedication paid off, and she emerged from her personal development journey stronger, wiser, and more determined than ever.This led her to become a success coach.

Tricia's coaching sessions are designed to help clients discover their true selves, passions, and purpose. She uses powerful tools and techniques to help clients develop discipline and habits necessary for success, and overcome limiting beliefs. Tricia's empathetic and intuitive approach empowers clients to achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives. Schedule Now

Success Session

60 min for $100

Kelly Wales - After her own spiritual awakening, Kelly embraced the newfound power of her spiritual gifts and considers herself a mystic visionary, as well as a reader. She combines these two sides of herself to facilitate an intuitive, multi-sensory and grounding experience, allowing her to tap into symbols and spiritual energy that paint a picture of what a person is working through, their hearts desires, and with the use of a variety of symbolic oracle cards, music, breathing, senses, and guided, meditative visualization techniques, creates a sense of safety and openness that leads to a rich reading and guided journey that will bring you to deep spiritual truths.

Her readings leave you not only equipped with a practice you can use yourself, but a beautiful wisdom notecard as a memoir to take with you along your own path. Her goal is for the people she encounters to feel more connected to self, to release what's blocking them and live out their lives liberated and full of peace and vitality. If you're ready, let's Journey Deep.

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Journey Deep Reading

30 min for $44

60 min for $88

Rachel WatkinsRachel has been a Tao Healing Hands Practitioner for 2 years and reading tarot for 3 years. A session with her will begin with a Tao Healing Hands Blessing, from there her intuition will guide the rest of your session. It may include receiving messages from your guides or loved ones who have passed, or tarot or oracle cards to cover various aspects of body, mind, and spirit.

A session with Rachel is a great way to check in with the energy around what has been most present for you in your life. You will leave the session feeling clearer on the path ahead with some actions items to do or not. If you chose to do the work allow some space and time and when you feel called for further guidance, come back.    
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Tao Blessing & Reading

60 min for $88

Alignment Coaching Session

60 min for $125

Sandy Jorgensen -Sandy is an intuitive and palm reader. Both hands will be observed for a 30 minute session, helping you to better understand the language of your true essence that is written on your palm lines! Schedule Now

Palm Reading 

30 min for $50

Renee Rau Renee has been reading Tarot cards for over 20 years. She has a reputation as telling you what you need to know with compassion and not what you may hope to hear. Renee is known as a Psychic Medium Empath. This gives her the ability to feel what others feel and allows her to see people as well. During Renee’s readings she does not call or force a spirit to come but if they want, she will communicate their messages to you. Schedule Now

Intuitive Reading

30 min for $40

60 min for $70

JJ Akeen -JJ is a Kiowa and Cheyenne Indigenous Traditional Holistic Practitioner, jeweler, feather fan maker, and grammy nominated recording artist.

His training is in the traditional Native ways which all began when he was a teenager. At the age of 12 he offered his first Cedar blessing and continued his training until the torch was handed off to him by his elders. JJ has been offering his services to his people for the past 35 years.

Through his compassionate presence, deep spiritual insight, and authentic connection to the sacred, JJ has touched the lives of countless individuals seeking healing, guidance, and spiritual awakening. People from all walks of life are drawn to his powerful medicine, experiencing profound shifts, renewed vitality, and a deep sense of connectedness with the universe.

As a beacon of indigenous wisdom and healing, JJ remains committed to preserving and sharing the ancient traditions of his people. He continues to travel extensively, conducting workshops, ceremonies, and private healing sessions, inspiring others to embrace their innate healing abilities and walk their own sacred paths. Schedule Now

*Payments are made at the time of booking. Our cancellation policy requires a 48 hour notice before the start of service to avoid the cancellation fee which is the amount of the service you are scheduled for. Thank you!

* Cedar Blessings

* Readings

* Traditional Body Work

60 min for $125

Joan Wyjack - Joan's work encompasses both the physical and the subtle energy fields, pinpointing and fine tuning the way our thoughts, emotions, and experiences are showing up in the body. She is known for her gentle work in integrating memories and moving forward after traumas, as well as working with people who live with chronic pain. A private session with Joan is intuitively guided and may include: energy work, medical intuitive assessments, vibrational therapy using the resonance of Tibetan singing bowls and bells, and aromatherapy. Schedule Now

Intuitive Readings

30 min for $30

60 min for $60

Sandy Jorgensen - Sandy is an intuitive and palm reader. Both hands will be observed for a 30 minute session, helping you to better understand the language of your true essence that is written on your palm lines! Schedule Now

Palm Readings

30 min for $50

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