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Autumns's Glow Tarot (Kris) - Kris has over 25 years experience intuitively working with the Tarot. Her reading style is a combination of intuition and Tarot/Angel cards. She is very down-to-earth, welcoming and genuinely hopes to help create a connection and a greater understanding between you and your inner self.

30 min for $30

60 min for $50

Joan Wyjack - Joan's work encompasses both the physical and the subtle energy fields, pinpointing and fine tuning the way our thoughts, emotions, and experiences are showing up in the body. She is known for her gentle work in integrating memories and moving forward after traumas, as well as working with people who live with chronic pain. A private session with Joan is intuitively guided and may include: energy work, medical intuitive assessments, vibrational therapy using the resonance of Tibetan singing bowls and bells, and aromatherapy.

30 min for $30

60 min for $60

Sandy Jorgensen - Sandy is an intuitive and palm reader. Both hands will be observed for a 30 minute session, helping you to better understand the language of your true essence that is written on your palm lines!

30 min for $50

Adrienne (The Local Witch) - A reader, witch, and high priestess with over 20 years experience and a lifetime of learning under her belt, Adrienne is here to help you dive into your deepest questions and explore the possibilities in your life. Adrienne provides intuitive readings (15 mins & 30 mins) and psychic counseling sessions (1 hour) using a variety of tools including cards, stones, bones, and herbs. Readings are great for answering your questions and getting some guidance, while counseling sessions allow more time to talk about the issues you are facing. Adrienne is also available for magickal consultations and advising at the same rates.

15 min for $30

30 min for $45

60 min for $80