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Autumns's Glow Tarot (Kris) - Kris has over 25 years experience intuitively working with the Tarot. Her reading style is a combination of intuition and Tarot/Angel cards. She is very down-to-earth, welcoming and genuinely hopes to help create a connection and a greater understanding between you and your inner self.

30 min for $30

60 min for $50

Joan Wyjack - Joan's work encompasses both the physical and the subtle energy fields, pinpointing and fine tuning the way our thoughts, emotions, and experiences are showing up in the body. She is known for her gentle work in integrating memories and moving forward after traumas, as well as working with people who live with chronic pain. A private session with Joan is intuitively guided and may include: energy work, medical intuitive assessments, vibrational therapy using the resonance of Tibetan singing bowls and bells, and aromatherapy.

30 min for $30

60 min for $60

Sandy Jorgensen - Sandy is an intuitive and palm reader. Both hands will be observed for a 30 minute session, helping you to better understand the language of your true essence that is written on your palm lines!

30 min for $50

Joshua Inacio - Joshua is a gifted channel, from England, who devotes his life and body to be an instrument for God's love and will. He is an accomplished sound and vibrational healer who works with groups and individuals.

Sound Healing/

Intuitive Session

30 min for $55

60 min for $99

Gina G-Gina is an Emotion Code / Body Code Certified practitioner. She is Reiki II Certified and is a Self Love and Manifestation Coach. Gina is a Lover of the Moon, cute baby animals, and all things manifestation + energy! Her hobbies include personal growth + healing, nature, yoga, and anything that makes her laugh. She is currently studying Human Design!


Code Sessions


Jamie Collins - Evidential medium, Jamie, communicates with our loved ones in spirit and brings through messages from them that offers healing, closure and many times laughter.  Our loved ones want us to know that they are still with us and many times will give us signs that they are near.  If you've ever wanted to connect with your loved ones, schedule your appointment today.
She has had a love of all things metaphysical for as long as she can remember.  Jamie began channeling for spirit in 2012 and has been working fairs in the Kansas City area, as well as the midwest for 7 years.  She is also a spiritual teacher and teaches classes on learning to communicate with spirit, as well as a development circle to help you work on your spiritual gifts. To find out more, check out her website,, or her Facebook page -Spirit Speaker KC.

45 min for $150

Michala E -Since she can remember, Michala has been fascinated by Astrology and spirituality. She’s been captivated by the many flavors of energy interpretation such as Numerology, Magic, and Crystal appreciation, to name a few. However, her heart shines most when analyzing the traits of the zodiac and gazing into a Tarot card. With years of passion-fueled practice she is now taking the steps forward to bring her gift of healing, education and spirituality to the public.


Particularly, she has always made it her top priority to understand the core of others; the most intricate, hidden layers that make up the fabric of their soul. Seeing an individual for all that they are is of vital importance, driven by a desire for connection, to give the gift of love through helping and holding space for healing. As well as recognizing and honoring their unique soul expression. Because of this constant search for meaning and learning, the modalities of Astrology and Tarot have best served this craving: to encapsulate the soul’s purpose.

𓁛 The difference between an Astrology and Tarot Reading: 𓁞

Astrology is the blueprint of the soul, and while we do operate on the basis of free will, we do so in collaboration with a person's destiny.

Astrology covers…

  • Your soul's karmic wounds, the way you function in different areas of your life, what your soul came to do, and more by using the specific moment in time you were born.

  • Your personality's strengths and weaknesses, and the factors that drive your character.

In comparison to Tarot readings, which are a transient read, Michala considers Astrology to be a "bigger picture" perspective. Tarot readings can change as soon as you do.

Tarot covers…

  • The energy present in your life

  • Questions regarding day-to-day life, strengths and weaknesses within your grasp, possible future outcomes, etc.

  • An option to not ask a question at all and let the universe handle the message.


30 min for $30

60 min for $60


45 min for $45